Remineralization Therapy

White spots on the teeth are early signs of demineralization (mineral loss), which may or may not lead to the development of dental cavity. The tooth surface becomes porous and rough. If demineralization overcomes the rate of remineralization (mineral gain), the surface of the white spot lesion breaks down, producing frank caries.

Dr. Vela and his Staff provide minimally invasive treatments that maintain a conservative approach to patients.
We have been very successful with eliminating white spot lesions using MI Paste that generally supports process of remineralization – ( ions replacement that were dissolved by demineralization).

MI Paste is a sugar-free crème containing RECALDENT ( CPP – ACP) Technology. Recaldent combines calcium and phosphate and a natural milk protein that promotes REMINERALIZATION by binding to dental plaque. MI Paste promotes the uptake of fluoride ions that are also in the oral environment.

Treatment involves several short visits (not longer than 30 min), each a week apart. Amount of appointments may differ and depend on the severity of the problem.

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