Financial & Insurance

Your treatment plan will include a breakdown of all applicable fees, and we will inform you of all costs before treatment is administered. Payment is expected at the time treatment is rendered, unless special arrangements have been made prior to your appointment. We accept all major credit cards. Financing options are available through CareCredit.

Additionally, we will submit all insurance claims for you for your convenience. We will fully attempt to help you receive full insurance benefits; however, you are personally responsible
for your account, and we encourage you to contact us if your policy has not paid within 30 days.

Facts You Should Know

About Your Insurance

In an effort to help you understand your insurance policy and maximize your insurance benefits, we would like to share some facts about dental insurance with you.


Dental insurance is a contract between you, your employer and the insurance company. We are not a party to that contract.


Many carriers claim they reimburse the insured person “up to 80% or up to 100% of the total fees.” In actuality, we have found that most plans cover about 40% to 50% of average fees. Some plans pay more – some less. The less paid for the insurance by your employer, the less coverage you will receive.


Insurance companies will not release the exact amount they will pay for a procedure until the treatment is completed and the claim is submitted. They will only state the percentage of their fee schedule they will cover.


Dental insurance is NOT meant to cover all fees; it is meant to be an aid to your investment in your child’s dental health. Many routine services are not covered by dental insurance.


Usual, Customary or Reasonable Fees, UCR, a term used by your insurance carrier, is an arbitrary amount which the insurance company chooses to pay for each procedure. It is not based on the average charge of practicing specialists in the area; it is merely the “allowable” amount they will reimburse so they can make a net 20% to 30% profit. Our fees are within the range of other pediatric dental offices in the area.

We will make every effort to assure you receive maximum benefits. We will file your insurance at no charge. In order to provide this service, we will need your updated insurance information before each appointment.

Please do not hesitate to ask questions about our financial policy. We want you to be comfortable in dealing with these matters. If you have any questions regarding your insurance, we ask that you contact your company regarding the specifics and details of your plan.

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