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Baby Teeth

Throughout your life, your child will have two sets of teeth: 20 primary (baby) teeth and 32 secondary (permanent) teeth. On average, the primary teeth appear around 6-9 months of age, and all 20 should be present by age 3.


Permanent Teeth

Permanent teeth will begin to grow around age 6, and with the exception of wisdom teeth, should all present at age 12. Some children may begin to lose baby teeth at a younger age and some may lose them at an older age. Inherited conditions can affect tooth shape, size and presence. Other inherited conditions can affect tooth color as well as the quantity or quality of the outer coating of the tooth (enamel).

The flat front primary teeth are called incisors and usually begin to fall out at age 6. The sharp “fang-like” teeth are canines. The next side teeth are baby molars. On average, these molars begin to fall out at ages 10 and 12 and are replaced by teeth referred to as pre-molars or bicuspids. Permanent molars grow into the mouth about the ages of 6 and 12 years. Wisdom teeth typically begin breaking through about age 17. Your permanent teeth are the ones you keep for life, so it is important that they are brushed and flossed regularly and that periodic check-ups by a dentist are followed.

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